Waka Apache Lab Established

A couple of weeks ago Roy Fielding established an Apache lab for the development of Waka and related improvements to other specifications. From the DOAP:

The Web Architecture Lab is a work area for specifying and experimenting with the interrelated shared agreements (protocols) that make the World Wide Web a happy place. The goal is to produce a central storage for Web protocol evolution, including both existing Web protocols and new ones, that Apache developers can refer to, comment on, prototype alternatives, and provide examples and test cases. A secondary goal is to experiment with tools for integrating public commentary with the specification process.

Nothing in the lab at the moment but Roy has been discussing Waka recently breaking a long silence after throwing a tempting morsel at ApacheCon2002. As Mark Nottingham has stated:

Is WAKA still vaporspec? Totally. Does it still have to overcome the inertia of HTTP by proving at least an order of magnitude improvement (which HTTPNG and others failed to do)? Yes. Still, Roy has a pretty good track record, and I’d put my money on him (especially when backed
up by the ASF) over a bunch of vendors trying to sell “platform” any day.

The Apache Lab was set up to allow failure. I for one am very interested in playing with Waka using Yaws.

A little more info in Roy’s Lab proposal.

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